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Wrongful Death

The Law Firm of John D. Mooney, P.A. understands that losing a loved one is a devastating and heartbreaking occurrence. The death of a

Bicycle/ Motorcycle

In Florida, motorcycles and bicycles are a common mode of transportation for thousands of people. Automobile drivers should take extra caution to observe

Car Accident

There are over 340,000 car accidents in South Florida every year; that is almost 1,000 accidents daily in South Florida. The odds are

Dog Bite

In Florida an animal owner can be held strictly liable for the attacks of the animals they own, but there are some exceptions.

Criminal Defense

With expansive knowledge of the state legal systems, Geoffrey Pelosi works thoroughly and diligently to achieve his goal of providing the best possible

Slip & Fall

Have you been injured from a slip or trip and fall? If so, please contact the lawyers at the Law Firm of John

Civil Assault

The South Florida night life can be very exciting but also potentially dangerous. Were you or a loved one assaulted, beat up, or